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Hand Hygiene Guidance for Employers

Maintaining excellent hand hygiene may seem like a simple task for many of us as we have always done it...

But, making sure that all employees are following the rules and best practices has never been as important as right now. 

Following the latest guidance, it is now a legal requirement for your business to promote good hand hygiene to your employees, through the use of signs, posters and training.

Along with following the guidance on promoting hand hygiene, you also have a legal responsibility to provide ample hand washing and sanitising facilities. This could take the shape of hand cleaning stations that use water and soap, or sanitising pumps throughout your office, shop, showroom or any place you conduct business. 

This is the advice that provide to employers:

Guidance on using hand sanitiser

This is a quick and alternative way to clean hands that aren’t visibly contaminated with dirt

How to use:

    • Hands should be free of visible dirt
    • Enough hand sanitiser should be used to completely cover all the surfaces of each hand
    • The hands should be rubbed together until the solution has evaporated

To read their full article, please click on the link found below:


How can GoVi help your business?

As providers of NHS approved hand sanitising solutions, we may not be able to help you keep your toilets clean or help you clean your busy areas but we can provide your team and customers the very best sanitising fluid available on the market. 

The formula used in our sanitising stations is exactly the same as that used by the NHS, ensuring the highest level in quality and safety to your business. 

What is even better is that we offer our products at extremely competitive prices and even offer businesses based in our local area, a managed rental agreement at only £5 per unit, per week. This includes a member of our team visiting your business regularly and performing any maintenance or refills at no extra cost. 

This service is only available to businesses based in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey.