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Go-Vi LTD Sanitiser Features, Advantages & Benefits

Trusting Go-Vi to take care of your sanitising is simple. Here is a breakdown of just a few features, advantages and benefits of our 80% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Go-Vi Sanitiser FAB




Instant foaming formula Quickly and easily rubs across the hands and into skin crevices and under finger-nails Over 4 times easier to spread than gels, improving germ-killing by 10 times compared to equivalent alcohol gels
Hypoallergenic formula Extremely low potential for skin irritation Very high user acceptability
Perfume-free Reduces the potential for skin irritation Suitable for use on sensitive skin
Rich foam consistency Extremely pleasant to use for frequent use in-between hand washing Encourages hand hygiene compliance
High efficacy formula Independently tested to the highest microbiological standards (see test data) Proven germ-killing action - kills 99.999% of most common germs
Instant germ killing action Rapid activity against many common germs in only 15 seconds Can be used quickly and easily for convenience and encourage compliance
No drips or splashes Does NOT leave residues on floors and walls around areas of use NO slip risk on floors, NO clean-up required and NO wastage
Excellent after-feel Contains moisturisers to help prevent skin dryness Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft
Does NOT contain any gelling agents Leaves NO sticky residues on the skin Encourages use and compliance
Non-tainting Independently proven to be non-tainting Suitable for use in food handling areas
Glove compatible Ideal for use with all gloves types Can be used prior to applying gloves
Dispenser action Provides controlled dosage Reduces potential for wastage and increases economy in use